Hamilton Sundstrand Customer Support Center
Adres:Horsterweg 7
6199 AC Maastricht-Airport
Tel:+31 (0)43 358 88 88
Fax:+31 (0)43 358 87 88

Omschrijving bedrijfsactiviteit :
Hamilton Sundstrand is a global corporation with various business units that design, manufacture and support aerospace and industrial products for worldwide markets. The company’s aerospace business provides electric power generation and distribution systems; fuel and special fluid pumps; engine control systems; gearboxes; primary and secondary flight controls and actuation systems; ram air turbine emergency systems; auxiliary power units; environmental control systems; LED lighting; propeller systems; fire protection products for military vehicles and civilian and military aircraft. Hamilton Sundstrand is the prime contractor for NASA’s space suit/life support system and produces environmental

Hamilton Sundstrand Customer Support Center Maastricht (HSM) is part of the global network of dedicated repair facilities. HS Maastricht supports propeller systems, engine controls (mechanical and electrical), environmental control systems and turbine disks for both military and commercial aircrafts.

Omschrijving realisaties & referenties :
Since the introduction of ACE (Achieving Competitive Excellence) early 2000 the company has made tremendous improvements in lead times, quality, inventory levels, financial performance and customer satisfactions. As a result the Maastricht company for the 2md year in a row has been certified as best amongst 1700 UTC facilities worldwide. ACE is a mix of Lean Manufacturing and 6 Sigma principles with a keep it simple approach.

Innovatieve/geavanceerde producten :
The success behind ACE is the commitment and dedication of the people working with our processes and products. To fully materialize the expertise and knowledge of our employees HSM has build a spectrum of IT related tools customized to the current situation. Through IT a real change culture was established that adopt itself easily to a fast changing environment.

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Vestigingen:1 / (53 worldwide)
Aantal Medewerkers :135 employees (18.300 worldwide)
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